Quotable Quotes

Isabel Sharp aged 5yrs and 3/4


6th October 2010– evening of her 3rd Birthday and the same day Eddie was discharged from hospital post NPC Diagnosis

When I grow up I’m going to be a Doctor so I can help  fix Eddie

    16th February 2012

I am so very proud of Ed’s new ( Oncology) Doctors. They’re going to try and fix his second disease.

Then about half an hour later

Do you think we need to find some new doctors for his other (NPC) disease if his old ones can’t fix it?

23rd April 2013– on the way to The Australian Reptile Park

Well my friend Christian has been there and he had a photo taken with a snake and his whole family in it because with he doesn’t have a brother in hospital.

25th of April 2013

Isabel:  Does God have a mobile phone?

Me:  mmm not really sure will have a think and get back to you.  Why??

Isabel:  Well if he does, I’m going to text him and ask him to fix Eddie.

Nothing like a text straight to the top to get things sorted.


May 2013

After finding out from a friend at school how much it hurts to have your ears pierced she has made the decision to only wear clip on earrings like Mops ( her grandmother)

August 2013

    We were talking about buying a new party dress for one of the many 6yr old disco parties that seem to be consuming her social calendar between the week’s skiing at Thredbo.
    I asked her if she liked her friend Lily Q’s dress and that we might get something like that. She agreed and then came back to me a few minutes later and asked me if I would make sure I’d buy the right size for her because she thought Lily’s was a bit small (read short) for her.
    For those interested a purchased a size 7 which fell way below the knee.
    When asked later if she enjoyed the party she said:
    “We’ll it was a girl DJ and she wasn’t even a fairy or anything and the music was a bit too loud”. Honestly, I don’t know where she comes from sometimes!!

    August 2013
    Isabel: I wish my hair was straight like Lily Quinn’s and as bright as Catherine Barton’s ( it’s a really white blonde)

    Me: Well when you’re grown up you can go to the hairdressers and they can pretty much do whatever you want to. But you dont want to start too early because its pretty boring having to spend a couple of hours at the hairdressers every few months

    Isabel: Well that sounds like quite good fun. I think I’d like that because you’d get to sit talk to everybody.

    September 1, 2013
    When I grow up I’m only going to have 2 children so that it’s easier for everybody when one is in hospital.

    This is a movement from the 3 year old who was going to be a builder and a Doctor and have 5 children- a boy, a girl, a boy, then a girl, then a baby.


One thought on “Quotable Quotes

  1. Thinking of You, Pete, Bez and your family loads Ali, sending you all loads of love and support. In constant awe of your strength, love and ability to keep us all updated. Best wishes. Chris

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