A Sense of Deja Vu

It was a very heart breaking farewell between Isabel and Edward on Tuesday evening with the usually very even keeled and composed Isabel screaming uncontrollably as we reversed out of the driveway and Edward, with a delayed reaction crying most of the way back to the hospital. I’m not sure if it makes it harder […]

A Bump in the Road

This post brings good news along with some less than average news. Edward has been home for almost 2 weeks and for the most part of this time he has been happy, healthy and so very content to be at home playing with his brother, sister and all of his toys and bikes which has […]

Close to Home

I realise much time has passed since my last post and in this case you can rest assured that no news is good news. Ed has remained healthy and well since my last post. He continues to gain strength and whilst still not walking again his language and cheeky little ways are coming on in […]