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Edward Sharp, a little guy living with a life limiting, rare genetic disease known as Niemann Pick Type C and more recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This blog is about our family’s journey.

23 thoughts on “About this Blog”

  1. Gorgeous boy get well Eddie. Thanks so much ali4 setting up this blog so we can keep informed .. you guys r in our thoughts constantly. love sadie

  2. You hold a special place in our hearts Eddy . You’ve got broad shoulders for a little guy. We all love you to bits. Hugs & kisses Ange xo

  3. Great Blog Ali. you continue to amaze us…. I particulary love the gourmet guage. Nice to know you have a good square meal close at hand…. give a hug to the Birthday boy from us. … The Hewson mob are thinking of you….

  4. Thanks Ali – being so far away, I don’t always know when is the right time to call your mum to catch up – it is an amazing story of young Edward’s journey – keep strong and, as always, our thoughts and love are with all the family – much love – Sue

  5. Wow, what an amazing and inspiring blog. I dont know how you find the strenghth to cope with all you have been confronted with. Big hugs and kisses to you all, we love you all very much and you are always in our thoughts. Jacqui, Hayley, Matt and Molly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. This blog explains everything so well – great job! Our little Ed is so brave and his fighting spirit inspires us all. If all the love flowing his way counts for anything, it must surely give you strength. With our warmest love and thoughts, Vicki & Vincent xox

  7. What a fantastic blog. We think of little Edward and family every day. He is such a trooper! Love and hugs Katrina and Brad xoxox

  8. What a great Blog. We think of all of you lots and Edward you are an inspiational little man…so are his parents and grandparents. xx Vicki and Peter McKenzie.

  9. You guys are amazing…. You are courageous beyond words. Eddie is truly blessed to have chosen you as his parents. We take our hats off to you all and send all our love and thoughts and prayers.

    “Dear lord place your healing touch on this precious child and grant strength and peace to the family”

    All our love forever and always
    John, BJ and Family xxx

  10. Thank you for sharing this with us, Ali. You are a tower of strength. Wish I could be there to help out. Thinking of Eddie and you all from afar…but close in spirit. Brad xo

  11. Sending you guys love, light and strength from across the big ocean. You are an inspiration to us all. Eddie is one very special little man and it was so good to see him last year. Lots and lots of love, Pip xox

  12. Hello, Judy is a dear friend of mine and I have been following Eddie’s progress on your blog over recent weeks and felt I would like to pass on my love and best wishes as he starts stage two of his treatment.
    Margaret Fraser

  13. Keep going little champ, our thoughts and prayers are with you always. love and angel blessings to you and your family , god bless Wendy and Phil Lankford

  14. Thank you Ali for sharing this so we can keep in the know of Ed’s journey…we think of you all daily. What an amazing & resilient angel he is! All of you have such great courage and strength. Sending you buckets of well wishes & will be thinking of that gorgeous little smiley face xxx

  15. Ed is a little star. He consistently demonstrates what resilience and optimism are all about. Love to Ali, Pete, Izzy and and Tom. Our thoughts are constantly with you.xxx

  16. Thanks Ali for allowing me to join Eddie’s blog. What a fight ahead of him but he is resiliant and blessed with a loving family. May his guardian angel watch over him along lifes journey.

  17. Hello everyone! Sending all my love and kisses to my wonderful little man and his family. I think about you often and wonder how your going.
    From Heidi

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