BFG Screening Fundrasing Update

With the week of birthday celebrations over we’re now relaxing up at Shoal Bay enjoying some family time. I’ve come up for air and very proud to report that last week’s BFG screening raised almost $3 000 which is an amazing effort. This money so generously donated allows us to purchase a $1500 reclining chair on behalf of Bear Cottage for Edwards’s use at home, and $650 each to Arranounbai Special School and to the Australian Niemanm Pick Foundation for medical research.


We are extremely grateful for the generosity and support of everybody involved in making the screening possible including those that attended, minded children, bought raffle tickets and donated prizes. I would like to make a special mention to the following people who donated the raffle prizes: Pauline and Terry McCabe, Fiona Kenny, Peter Thomson and FDC Building, Anita Quigley, The Roges Family, Lindy Kurver, Linda Raines, Angela Jackson and Kirsty Thorpe. I would also like to make a very special mention and a big thank-you to Nicole and Maddie O’Donnell who organised the ticketing on the evening.


These events are so important to our family on many levels, not just for the funds raised but it also reminds us of how lucky our family is to be surrounded by the love, support and friendship of our family, friends and community. On the morning of the movie screening this is what I overheard Isabel explaining to Edward as she was brushing his hair: “ Eddie we are one of the luckiest families I know. This afternoon we’re going to the movies with lots of our family and friends all in the one place with our own private cinema- that’s going to be super fun”.


Many thanks for your support we truly feel blessed to be surroundered by such warmth and generosity and as always we continue to be amazed by the kindness of the human spirit when the road rough and the challenges great- thank-you!!!



Arriving at the Cinema


One thought on “BFG Screening Fundrasing Update

  1. My goodness Ali, your network of people never cease to amaze me with their generosity. Great effort yet again, and thank you again, on behalf of the Australian Npc Disease Foundation. I must say I shed a tear of joy, when I saw that pic of Eddy smiling that gorgeous smile of his and that lovely curly hair. Hope he had a wonderful birthday and you as a family had the time to celebrate to make a wonderful memory together. Lots of love to you all… Mandy xx

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