Movie Screening and a call for donations

Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on the blog I know but it’s definitely time. To be honest we’ve been concentrating on living  in the moment and enjoying life day to day  since there’s no denying the lights are certainly dimming on our little guy as he’s moves closer to the end of his journey than the beginning.

As part of our little guy’s 6th birthday celebrations we’re holding a fundraising screening of Roald Dahl’s BFG on Thursday 7th of July at 3:00pm in the Cremorne Orpheum.

The proceeds from this event will be shared between Bear Cottage, Arranounbai Special School and a medical research project for the Australian Niemman Pick Foundation- 3 special places who offer amazing help and assistance to our little guy. We’re hoping to purchase a reclining chair with wheels for Bear Cottage worth approximately $1500 and the remaining balance to be split evenly between funds for a school bus for Arranounbai Special school and a medical research program for an NPC treatment drug.

The movie booking link should be up in the next day so watch this space,  but in the meantime I’m looking for donations for the raffle. It may be toys, food, wine, experiences for kids, adults or families- no gift too large or too small, anything and all will be gratefully accepted. Please let me know by  next Monday 27th of June of anything you may be able to donate towards the raffle.

As always we are extremely grateful for your support which is given to our family in so many different ways and hope you can join in the birthday celebrations in some way.  After all how could we not organise a fundraising event for our Bear Cottage Super Hero week pin up boy?

BRC3045 SHW 2016 GoFundraise_FA


2 thoughts on “Movie Screening and a call for donations

  1. Hi, Ali.

    Thank you for the blog and what a great fundraising initiative. We can’t make the me but would love to make a donation if you can tell us where and how? Thinking of you all and sending hugs and kisses to Ed. Love, Koffel family in London

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