Cure4Ed Fundraising Screening of The Minions




I know its been quiet on the fundraising front as we’ve just been enjoying “being”- life, school, work, university, holidays etc but yes I realise it’s time to get back on the fundraising wagon to raise some much needed funds for both NPC medical research (the specific project The Australian Niemann Pick Foundation is funding) and Arranounbai Special School-the beautiful place which adds so much value to Ed’s quality of life daily.


If you are keen and able to make it along to a screening of The Minions at The Cremorne Orpheum on Wednesday 1st of July at 4:00pm then please purchase tickets via the link below.

Parents of older children feel free to drop off whilst the movie is on as it’s a private screening. There’s plenty of places in the neighbourhood, including the Barrel Bar( to enjoy some school holiday respite if you’re not keen on the movie.  We’re serving pizza at 6:20pm in the upstairs Orpheum Bar after the movie so be sure to purchase at pizza pass if you’re planning to hang around for this.

Invite attached below, to purchase tickets click on the Try Booking link here:



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