Arranounbai on Channel 7 Sunrise- Thursday 18th of June 2015

Yes I know it’s been a very long time between posts and having just begun mid semester uni break I’m madly working on an update on our little guy and some exciting fundraising events, but I just have to share this with you immediately.


As most of you know, when not in hospital our little guy continues to attend Arranounbai Special school full time and has been blessed with a very special and amazingly dedicated teacher, Stephanie Hopkins. Steph is one of life’s very special people who’s passion, energy and dedication certainly goes way above and beyond her job description. She plays a very special part not just in our lives but in all of the kids at Arranoubai.


In just 3 days Steph shot, edited, submitted and WON this 1 minute video winning $25 000 from Sunrise and Universal Pictures for a “Minion Make over” to help improve the school.


On Thursday 18th of June both the film and the presentation of the cheque to the staff at Arranoubai will be broadcast on Channel’s Sunrise program sometime between 07:00 and 9:00am so have a watch if you’re able.


In the meantime mark in your diaries Wednesday 1st of July, 4:00pm for a Cure4Ed fundraising screening of The Minions at Cremorne Orpheum. Tickets sales will be open in the next few days.


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