A Return to Club WestMed

After a very busy month, the longest stint we’ve had at home since his ALL diagnosis our little guy is in residence and holding court back on The Variety Ward. Another new infection, a new species in his line and this time constipation, though the latter definitely not enough to earn in patient status but the former 7 days on IV antibiotic. It’s incredibly frustrating as he’s in really good spirits and we were definitely getting into the rhythm of life beyond the hospital.


Pete and I managed a very relaxing overnight stay in the city, whilst our Ed had his “big boy holiday” at Bear Cottage with the very important job of looking after Frankie the resident Labrador. The overnight stay was a big hit and it seems he too was a very popular guest winning many friends up on the hill overlooking the ocean.


On another note I’d like to share with you another life lesson #125 on one of the things you never did before you had a chronically ill child. I used to look at great disdain at those parents who were suckered into putting $2 into the ride machine every time they went to the shopping centre. I thought once you start, the kids will never stop haranguing and harassing you to do it each time you visit……and whilst this is true, I think you’ll agree the smile on our little guys face is worth way more than the $2.

photo 2 photo 1 photo 3 photo 4

And so, after a rough few weeks for me, basically boiled down to sleep deprivation and adjusting to a change of pace at home with 3 kids and caring for a chronically ill child I was definitely getting into the rhythm of it all at home, enjoying some respite care for our guy whilst I was hatching some exciting new plans for our foundation………which brings me to my next post.


One thought on “A Return to Club WestMed

  1. Love your life lesson #125! Mind you, out here in the wild west I think we only have one ride machine, but we will never walk past it again without thinking of you and Ed! We hope and pray that you soon return to the joys of your family home routines. Love

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