ICU Bedside Update

I’m pleased to report that after almost 10 hours in theatre our tough little guy is recovering well back in ICU. He’s still intubated so he’s calm and sedated but has had moments of alertness. He’s possibly more alert than we’d all like him to be as he’s been able to acknowledge me, follow me around the room and when asked, able to point to the places on his body where he would like me to kiss him.

His Respiratory doctor was extremely pleased with today’s procedure from a medical perspective in terms of cleansing the lungs, how well he tolerated during the procedure and his current post-operative state.

They will probably keep him calm and intubated overnight with the aim, if things continue to be stable to extubate in the morning. The picture thus far is similar to how he was after the previous partial lung Lavage where he was quite well and strong the first day but the following 2 or 3 he was a little rougher with all the surfactant stirred up in his lungs ( – don’t worry I had to read up in it too if you’re interested ).
Overall, I think it would be safe so say, so far so good but like last time we won’t really know the true success for a week or so once the lungs have repaired.




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