Fundraisng Update

I realise I’m well overdue for an update on our little guy but I cannot proceed any further without posting a belated but very big thank-you to those who were able to support the Cure4Ed Movie Night. This event alone raised just over $5,700, which was a wonderful surprise and well above any of our expectations.

The evening would not have been possible without the amazing support and hard work of Nicole Deady organising the sales and ticketing,  Angela Jackson on marketing and PR, Julie Meynell executive in charge of magnums of Champagne and raffle tickets,  and all rounder Sadie Davis.  What a fabulous team achieving such an amazing outcome so thank-you very much to my beautiful friends and of course all of those who were able to support the evening to make it the fun night it was.

Since we started on the fundraising trail just 4 months ago back in March, Cure4Ed alone has managed to raise more than $12,000, all of which has gone straight into Australian Niemann Pick Foundation’s quest to raise $120,000 by the end of the year.  This goal is for funding a specific research project which you can read more about at and you’ll be excited to know that already  $60 000 has been sent off to this project so we’re halfway there.

Furthermore, our awareness campaign has sparked one of the parents in Isabel’s class to raise funds through her Pub2Pub run (yep you heard right, that’s my sort of start and end point), more details here if you’d like to sponsor

In addition to this, Isabel’s school is conducting Spin Classes at St Kieran’s Manly Vale on Saturday 21st of June as a P&F fundraiser and a proportion of the funds will be donated to the Australian Niemann Pick Foundation so there is much to be proud of on that front.

Meanwhile, back at the planning table the team are hard at  work preparing for the Family Fun Day which will now be Sunday 26th of October NOT Sunday 14th of September as previously advertised at Balgowlah Heights Bowling Club so stay tuned for further details and calls for help.

We continue to be amazed by the generosity and support we receive from family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and friends of friends.  It’s this support and kindness that often provides the strength and courage to continue on our journey, particularly when the chips are down.






One thought on “Fundraisng Update

  1. well done , Ed looks great with hair, so cute. As always prayers and angel blessings, one day at a time , xoxo Wendy and Phil Lankford

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