Happy Easter

I’m guessing after almost 3 weeks in ICU the Easter Bunny shouldn’t have any problems finding our little guy tonight.

We are still waiting to see how successful Tuesdays afternoon procedure (Partial Lung Lavage) as his lungs are still quite crackly and full of fluid. In the end it was decided that he would have a mid range Lavage to test how effective the procedure and how well he tolerated the intubation. If successful and when necessary it is possible that they will repeat a potential longer procedure as an ongoing form of therapy to assist the build up in his lungs.

I’m sure I mentioned previously that it’s hoped that he will be able to get off his breathing machines and masks through the day and just require breathing assistance at night, either through C-Pap or Bi-Pap. As yet we are a way off this which is one of the reasons we are still here in ICU.

Our tough little guy tolerated the General anaesthetic and intubation far better than anybody expect. Just over 12 hours after the procedure ended he was strong enough and able to be extubated. They were possibly expecting an intubation of 24-48 hours afterwards.

When I walked into his room the following morning I was very surprised to see him awake and whilst he was calm and sedated read Medazzled (Medazlin) and Morphined he was with it enough to give me the thumbs up when I asked him if he loved his Mum and Dad. But in true Edward form he even managed to exert what little power he could muster lying in ICU with a tube stuck down his throat by watching everybody fuss around him to prepare for the extubation by gathering equipment and machines. Just as the nurses and doctors were ready he went back to sleep ( after having been wide awake since. 6:00am) for another 2 hours. Another gentle reminder to all that this little guy is on his own program and calling the shots in his terms.

Wednesday he was fairly bright and bounced back quite well, Thursday and Friday he seemed tireder and flatter, although today he seems brighter. He tolerated 2 short bursts (1 hr each time) off his mask today and hopefully this time will increase over the next few days so that he can be moved back to the ward. If his lungs don’t improve then they may start him on a course if steroids to see if that helps open them up a little.
In the meantime we’re madly trying to get him to blow bubbles and cough to get it all moving along, but enough snot talk.

Happy Easter everybody, I hope you all get sometime to relax and spend precious time with your families.


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Such a brave little guy. In no small part because he’s surrounded by a brave and loving family. Happy Easter to you all. x

  2. So happy to hear procedure went well and pray things continue to improve. I felt the weight of that box when I saw you last ( and took a bit away with me) so I’m glad it’s been put back in its place! Didn’t want to disturb you guys when we were in earlier this week, back next week so might see you then.

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