A Very Big Thank-you for another World First

Well it seems that once again our little guy is a world first, this time by breaking the Balgowlah Bunnings cake stall fundraising record  by making a massive $2, 500 in cake sales and donations.  Previously the record sat around $1000.

This means that in the passed 4 weeks since we began on the Fundraising campaign the Cure4Ed Foundation has raised just almost $4 500 in total from the Cake Stall, website contributions and other smaller fundraisers from family and friends.

This would not have happened with out the amazing support of all of those that baked , donated,  designed artwork, bought,  delivered, minded children, and gave very generously both of their time and money.

A very big thank-you to Julie Meynell who was the driving force in the idea and securing the venue along with the help of Angela Jackson and Sadie Davis and assisted on the day by Nicole O’Donnell and Linda Raines to make.

We are very overwhelmed by your support and generosity and look forward to many more successful fundraisers. Stay tuned for the movie night scheduled for early April.

photo 3

photo 5

photo 4
photo 2

4 thoughts on “A Very Big Thank-you for another World First

  1. Excellent work Ali and Co on Team Eddy , what a wonderful effort that was, I am absolutely amazed at the outcome, soooo many cakes, and that stall looks very tempting. Thank you on behalf of the Australian NPC Disease Foundation, and rest assured, we are all trying to keep this research for this possible new treatment alive. The Foundation is writing a cheque this week to the University of Melbourne for $20,000, which will give us another two months post June 2014 for continuation. Efforts like this and more generous donations from people around the country may well get us to another $10,000 (1 month) cheque hopefully before end March. Keep up the good work Team Eddy, and you keep on soldiering little Eddy xxxxx

  2. well done , now that was a cake stall , we are making a donation next pay, so keep up the good work, always in my prayers little Ed god and angel blessings xoxo Wendy and Phil Lankford

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