Moving Forward

Saturday Night Date night again, only earlier this week we were moved down to the Camperdown Ward, a total Oncology Ward rather than the Variety Ward which is an infectious ward where all the rooms are single rooms.  We’re currently in a 2 bed room which makes things just that little bit more busy and tiring, although there are some advantages in sharing a room.  Our social little guy is quite taken with firstly big Alex, and now a little 12 year old girl, Chloe.  Unfortunately (well actually fortunately) for the purposes of a single room he has not tested positive to Rhino Virus or any other infection that would require him to be in isolation in a single room.

We kicked the week off with his scheduled Chemo on Monday and so far he’s been travelling okay if not at times a little up and down.  He’s had the odd temperature triggering some IV antibiotics given over 48 hours to keep away any infections and so far that has been all he’s needed on the infection front.  His pancreas levels have almost returned to normal and his blood count whilst on the decrease due to Chemo is hanging in there quite well.

Overall it’s also been a better week on the pain front, although whilst his pain is better managed he seems a little more whacked out on the pain relief cocktail of hydra-morphine, ketamine and methadone……well I guess you would be.  Sharing is caring I say!!

At this stage he’s looking good for his 3rd (out of 4 for this month) hit of Chemo on Monday so at least thats looking good as we’re moving in the right direction.

In other news, I would like to introduce you to his new Oncology Specialist


Yep, the little brother continues his work experience rotation roster and his now working with the Oncology Team.

Here’s a few pics of happier times this week, including one with his Dr Justyna.

























3 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Hey Little Ed keep going , you are such a fighter, ill keep the prayers going , love and angel blessings always xoxo

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