Rolling Straight onto the next Round of Chemo

Unfortunately our little guy did not manage a discharge over the weekend due to a temperature spike and generally being unwell. He did however sneak home for a few hours each day in the afternoon for a little play and some special time with the Mother Hen and the Tornado before kicking off into his next round of Chemo yesterday.

This round commenced with a Lumbar Puncture, Bone Marrow Aspirate and intrathecal Chemo ( methotrexate) under GA yesterday morning. I figure you’re all pretty now well versed in the lingo so may as well jump on board with the right jargon. The afternoon was a further IV chemo cocktail which will continue for the next 5 days in hospital. This morning he’s not great and something tells me that this is going to be a harder round for him than the previous couple. All we can hope is that we don’t end up in a similar place to where we were at in March of this year. Either way it’s likely he won’t be checking out of Club WestMed for as at least 3-4 weeks.

Once this round is complete and his body recovered, around 4 weeks if all goes well, longer if there are more complications we’ll know how succesful these past 3 High Risk Blocks have been and whether he will require a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT).

Yesterday we received the news that they were unable to find a perfect tissue match for Bone Marrow within the immediate family, with Pete coming the closest matching 5 out of the 6 criteria where they prefer a 6/6 match. We are waiting to see if they will widen the search within our family or whether they will head straight to the Bone Marrow Donor Registry which lists both national and international donors. Some of you have offered before to be tested and I’ll outline in a separate post how this may occur if you’re still interested.

Here are a few pics from the few afternoon gate passes  we managed over the passed week:



One of the many selfies he’s taken. Soooo KRudd


A couple pics inside



A visit from Dr Santosh Valvi, a favourite who has currently moved on


A Spot of babysitting of the tiny little brother


The tiny little brother flirting with the nurses

Yep that native does get a little restless coupled up in the room.

Below the selected hat to be carted off to the Clinic for his GA. Forever the showman.


Finally some proof, now on the net that the third child did in fact have his first birthday celebrated



One thought on “Rolling Straight onto the next Round of Chemo

  1. Thanks for the update Ali, love the photos! He’s a tough little fella. Hope a better donor match turns up. Still praying for him and you all. Trevor & Carmen

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