Our Little Soldier Marches On!!

As I predicted the little guy has found this last round of chemo a little more difficult and has had a fairly rough 7 days.

He’s had several X-rays, and an MRI, CT scan and a Bronchial Lavage under GA to ensure there is nothing too sinister or bacterial infection lurking anywhere and it appears he’s got one of the many unknown viruses in his chest, along with the after effects of some intense Chemo that’s causing this sickness. Apparently there are 2 other oncology patients on this ward with similar symptoms.

He has had patches (say 5-6 hours) where he’s been bright, bubbly and cheeky but he’s also had some pretty rough periods with the intense bouts of pain, vomiting, diarrhoea and generally feeling pretty flat and unwell. These times have reminded us of how bad he was back in March afer the very first round, but fortunately for all of us there has been some sunshine in the storms.

In the past 7 days there have been 2 full blood transfusions and 5 platelet infusions ( yep there’s my plug again to give blood http://www.donateblood.com.au/who-can-give/am-i-eligible) and he’s currently on 6 litres of high flow oxygen to help him with breathing. All of this has helped to pick him up at times and his blood count is certainly on the improve, he just needs to ride out the virus.

Hopefully we’ll look to get out later in the week or by the weekend so that we can have a few days at home before starting all over again late next week which will kick off with a Lumbar Puncture for a Bone Marrow Biopsy to measure disease levels.

In other news his tiny little brother, the one who has spent the past 9 months growing up in hospital improving his immunity to infections, disease and super bugs by crawling around the hospital floor, inflating and deflating hospital air beds, learning to walk with the assistance of moving an IV Pole around the room, flirting with the nurses and winning the hearts of the beautiful volunteers down at the Sibling Care crèche turns 1 tomorrow. A big Happy birthday to the Tornado.


Yes that is texta on his face and pretty much sums up the cheeky guy. Do you think the colour suits him?


3 thoughts on “Our Little Soldier Marches On!!

  1. Keep going little man, never give up , life is for living , lets pray one day you will concur your demons. still praying for you as always xoxo

  2. I love it…Tornado. What a cutie! Hope the birthday was great (can’t believe it is a year already). and that Edward had time at home. Lots of love and prayers. Pat

  3. Oh Ali….it’s tough. Finally got to read your blog. Deads had given me a lil update. Your little guy seems to have so much strength. You have inspired me to return to work as an oncology nurse(adults mind you) to help in my patients journey. I pray you are getting the support you need. Loads of Love
    xx Jenno

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