A Smoother Than Expected Ride

It’s now 7 days since the completion of his last round of Chemo and the point when he is expected to be at his lowest. Whilst his bloods are expectedly low he’s in reasonable spirits all things considered.

Surprisingly we were discharged on last Tuesday and managed to spend a couple days at home catching up on washing, cooking cleaning, shopping, personal grooming etc. Ed and I even managed a trip to see The Great Gatsby in between outpatient hospital clinics. We were warned at the start of this round that there was a fairly good chance he wouldn’t be discharged if he was too toxic or unwell so those 3 days at home were a real bonus.
On Friday we spent most of day at the clinic having had check ups and an infusion. By 3:00pm he felt warm at 37.5 but not the magic number of 38 degrees. I waited half an hour redid his temperature and it was still 37.5. By the time I’d driven back to Manly, fast shop at the supermarket, had a quick drink at a friend’s house who’d been looking after Issy it was 7:30, traffic had cleared and Ed’s temperature raging well above 38 degrees.

So as we had expected we checked into Club WestMed for the long weekend deluxe package. This began with an all nighter in the single presidential suite in ED as there were no beds on either of the Oncology Wards. The place was heaving!!!

His bloods grew an infection (at this stage not sure which one) so he’ll definitely be here until this Friday which will complete 7 days of IV antibiotics. Yesterday he was in reasonable spirits although a little tired and managed to get out for a few hours in the afternoon to meet the rest of us at Luna Park. We’re hoping to do the same today.

Here’s hopinghis bloods improve from here, his energy levels on the up and the infections kept at bay.


3 thoughts on “A Smoother Than Expected Ride

  1. Hi Eddy, keep up the good work & keep those temps down. We are all thinking
    of you. Love your old mate Pepe xxx

  2. Stay strong Eddie – Maddie & Charlie will be so jealous to know you went to Luna Park! What a lovely day for it. What a little treasure you are for letting Mummy see the Great Gatsby xx Prayers and thoughts are with you that the antibiotics do their job xx

  3. Luna park and the great gatsby – lucky you guys, fingers crossed the anitbiotics worked a treat
    and Eddy is staying strong, thinking of you guys xxx

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