Close to Home

I realise much time has passed since my last post and in this case you can rest assured that no news is good news. Ed has remained healthy and well since my last post. He continues to gain strength and whilst still not walking again his language and cheeky little ways are coming on in leaps and bounds.

It’s been a very busy 10 days keeping the little guy occupied in between day visits home which he has absolutely loved. Providing he doesn’t spike a temperature tonight or pull any other crazy health stunt the little guy will be discharged home tomorrow after 3 months in hospital. I know his not so little brother has certainly outstayed his welcome on The Camperdown Ward, last Friday he pinched one of the young nurses on the bottom.

I will however point out that we were in this exact same position this time last Monday until he spiked a temperature. Subsequently his blood results indicated an infection which as standard protocol is treated with IV antibiotics for 7 days which is why he has remained in hospital but allowed to leave for a few hours each day. So until the bags are packed, discharge forms signed and the little guy strapped in the back of the car next to the not so little brother will I really believe that Ed is coming home.

Besides, in between the bi-weekly visits to the outpatient clinic we’ll be returning for Round 3 of Chemo in less than 2 weeks which is given as an inpatient. Starting on Sunday 27th of May, little Ed will be admitted into hospital for at least 3-5 days every fortnight for 2 months (4 times) to be given IV Chemo and his organs, especially kidneys monitored for toxicity.

In addition to these scheduled visits we’ll need to return through Emergency whenever the little guy hits a temperature above 38, or becomes even slightly unwell. Basically they need to see him if he sneezes, coughs, trips, misses a breathe, whatever rare little stunt the guy wishes to pull. There’s no GP for him mjust an unconditional return policy where we’ll always be greeted.

Club WestMed, a second home to Ed and sadly a place he actually doesn’t want to leave at the moment. And when you think about why would you from his perspective? There’s clown doctors, music therapists, play therapists, and a family member or friend to sit by your bed 24/7 tending your every need and want, really why would you want to leave?

It’s actually going to be a bit of an adjustment for the little guy as I saw this afternoon when he was home for a few hours with just Tom and myself. Before Ed was really sick the not so little brother didn’t move and wasn’t particularly interested in his toys. Now that Tom is into absolutely everything it’s a whole different ball game and Ed hasn’t really had to share one thing during his stay in hospital, let alone deal with the 10 month tornado. On the other hand, I know the big sister will be very pleased to have her eager student return to the house, shes’s really missed him and his attentive nature in her after school role play games. It’s great to know that if the little guy never makes it to school, it won’t really matter when you have a big sister like that- on a good day he even gets a run through of assembly.

Hoping the next post brings confirmation of his return home and in the meantime here are a few pics of our ever smiling boy!! It certainly was a Happy Mothers Day!




5 thoughts on “Close to Home

  1. Fantastic ali. You have truly been a super mum and Pete a super pete. Well a super family really and that includes all your relies and friends who helped out. Well done. Good luck and can’t wait yo see you soon.

  2. Love you, Ali, and so happy to read this latest. You and Pete and family are always in our thoughts and prayers.All the very very best

  3. Loved reading all of your update, Ali, especially finding out all the positive news for Mr Ed. Way to go, Ed! Hope this reply finds you all back home, with the boys sorting out who’s really in charge at No. 27 Marinella Street. And I’m booking in for some school stuff with Izzy – I’m missing Friday Assembly which was always the highlight of my week, especially watching the Kindergarten kids. Hi to Pete – take care, everyone! Tricia xxxx

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