Home Stretch for 2nd Round of Chemo

As I type my feet are firmly placed on the wooden coffee table in the parents lounge of The Camperdown Ward but either tomorrow or Monday will mark the end of little guy’s second round of Chemo. Whilst we’re not quite there yet I can say with great confidence that he has tolerated this round of chemo much better than the previous with far fewer complications and side effects.
I realise it’s been almost a week since my last post and this is because it’s been a busy one: with day trips to nearby Parramatta Park, visits from the Music Therapist, Jacob the balloon sculpture extraordinaire and just enjoying time with his brother and sister. He has continued to make friends with the new lot of nurses on Camperdown Ward and dazzle them all with his cheeky ways and beaming the smile.

This has been the first week in our entire almost 3 month stay where our days at the hospital have been quite busy not with illness, tests, scans, ICU Dr’s etc but just hanging out having a bit if fun as his body repairs and recovers from the onslaught of the previous month.




Today Ed had a lumbar puncture and received some Chemo (methatrexate) into his spine intrethecally ( think Epidural Mum’s). His blood counts are on the way down which is to be expected at this stage of the Chemo so there is a chance he may contract an infection and require supportive measures in hospital.

Either tomorrow or Monday ( depending on his health and blood counts) he will have an 8 hour chemo infusion which will mark the end of the 2nd round of Chemo. We hope to have him home for day visits over the weekend if he is still well and happy.

From there he’ll have a 2 week break from Chemo Drugs whilst the blood counts come down and go back up again in time for the Part 3. Hopefully he will endure this ride without too much ill health, infections, breathing issues so that he may be able to get home for a week or so in between the 2 rounds. If his health continues he may look to getting out towards the end of next week, around the 9th or 10th of May but as we all know there are a lot of temperatures and infections to be had between now and then.

The plan at this stage is to have a Bone Marrow biopsy towards the end of the following week ( around the 15th of May) which in theory will confirm along with the previous biopsy that the Leukemia has stayed at bay and he his still officially in “remission”.
If they don’t find any Leukemia cells (of which they don’t in about 90% of cases) then he is still in remission and will continue into the next round.

This next round of Chemo cocktail which if all goes to plan will commence on Monday 20th of May involves a scheduled inpatient stay of 3-5 days depending on their reaction every fortnight for 8 weeks.

Hoping the next post continues to bring more photos of our cheeky, ever smiling brave little guy.


8 thoughts on “Home Stretch for 2nd Round of Chemo

  1. As always, Ali, you give us so much news about Mr Edward each update, delivered with a sense of humour and so upbeat no matter the ups and downs. You five are amazing and an inspiration to all of us. Keep powering on – especially you, Ed. Every best wish for the coming week – hope all goes calmly and positively. Tricia xxxxx

  2. Great to see some happy faces, Eddie is a very brave little man surrounded by buckets of love and giant lollipops!! Keep smiling Eddie and keep those bugs at bay xxx

  3. Hi Ali, thanks for the update. Glad to see that your tough little guy is coping a little better with round 2. We continue to pray for you all. Much love, Trevor & Carmen

  4. god and angel blessings to you , your family and little Ed who i pray for every night, Katrina and Brad always follow his journey also, this is Kats parents who are keen to see his progress. you are all doing an amazing job, happy to try to keep your spirits up. Never give up , try anything you can to hold on , I pray to my arch angels Michael and Raphael, they do there best to listen and help. each new day is a gift , and with my ill health I always apprecaite it. love to you all xoxo

  5. Glad you had some quality family time, love the photos, thinking of you all, you are such an amazing amazing mum Ali. Stay strong Eddie, so happy to hear round 2 is nearly over. Hope to see you soon, lots of love and hugs to you all xxx – thanks for the updates, let me know if you need anything

  6. Thank you Ali for the update and photos. Great to hear Eddie is getting some time out of the hospital. Best wishes and love to all, Stephen

  7. Love the photos and commentary Fingers and toes all crossed for Eddie.That family time is so

  8. Hi Ali, I loved reading this update and I hope your beautiful brave Ed has continued to have a great week – what a beautiful smile ! I really do hope that all goes to plan with you taking Ed home real soon. Has Ed got his appetite back? You are an amazing mum with an incredible family. My thoughts are with you so often. xx

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