A CT under GA and he’s Fixed

…..well at least the smile, along with his appetite and cheeky little ways. It’s unbelievable how quickly this little guy crashed and has come back bigger and better- all in 24 hours.
When I left Ed for his CT scan and Bronchoscopy (both under General Anaseathetic) they told me that we’ll more than likely see in you in ICU after this as he’s probably going to get pretty knocked around.. I think the little guy was determined not to lose our booking in Suite 7 as when he came around he was demanding icy poles, off all of his oxygen and full of beans.
Upon returning to the suite King Edward held court from his bed eating dinner, easter eggs and sharing his Easter stash with the nurses who had been on all day and were absolutely blown away by a) that we had returned and b) in unbelievably high spirits.

I’m sure the full blood transfusion and platelets just prior to the scan may have something to do with this fast recovery and pick up as the doctors think it is likely he has Pneumo cystis pneumonia. This will not be confirmed for a few days until the sample grows in the lab and the results are returned but in the meantime they will treat with IV antibiotics and wait for confirmation of this diagnosis.



3 thoughts on “A CT under GA and he’s Fixed

  1. What a delightful smile Ed has, and such amazing resilience. No doubt he has inherited these qualities from his wonderful parents. Julie x

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