You Know You’ve Been in Hospital Too Long When…..

1.) You can tell the days of the week by whats on the menu.
2.) You can tell which overnight carer has selected the food from the menu
3.) You pretty much know all of the nurse names on your ward, their children’s names, marital status, length of employment and any other small talk info you manage to glean along the way
4.) The Department of Health standard issue sandpaper, I  mean toilet paper is really starting to irritate you

5.) You feel like you’ve trekked 1ookm’s of hospital corridor and know every back alley and staircase

6.) You look forward to your weekly Saturday overnight stay at Club westMed because:
        a) it is a quiet retreat from the 5yr old chatterbox and 9mth old Tornado
        b) You get to catch up on your reading
       c) You save the once a week hair wash, blowdry and straighten for those 10 minutes that are uninterrupted and all to yourself

7.) You have established 5 very different driving routes from Manly to Westmead- (thanks Jules for the idea)

8.) You know where every Fitness First gym is along all of these routes, their timetable and which class you could try and fit into the schedule.

9.) Give me another month and I’ll keep adding to the list

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