Chemo Come Down But Still High in Spirit

Day 11 of this 28 Day Chemo cycle and so far so good.  Last night one of his doctors explained to me that on a good run (ie no pancreatitis, NoroVirus, Kryptosporidium, Salmenella, or any other types of infection) his blood count will trend down, flatten out and then climb back up on their own without any drugs. The cycle will go like this probably almost weekly over the 4 weeks as different drugs are administered. One drug in particular causes this cycle and is given Tues-Friday with a 3 day rest to give the bloods a chance to come back up.

Earlier in the week he did receive both a platelet and blood transfusion in preparation for a Lumbar Puncture and intrethecal (think epidural) Chemo which was given under General Anaesthetic on Thursday. On Friday his blood counts continued to trend down as predicted and yesterday he was flat, tired and lethargic. The beginning of what I thought was going to be a downhill slide. This morning he was much more energetic,lively, cheeky and was able to go home for the afternoon. This evening when we returned to the hospital it appears his bloods are on the way up for the moment so really all is going as well as can be expected. I can’t help but keep in the back of my mind that it took a good 4-5 weeks before he became severely ill last round.

However, this afternoon we had a very special time at home and I really think he was the very best he’s been since even before Christmas. Talking, playing,happy, calm and so very content. It’s amazing how much lighter things can feel when you see him like this, a much needed welcome relief to say the least.


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