The High Before the Low

Edward is quite possibly the best he has been in the past 6-8 weeks and today was one of the very best days I’ve spent with him in a very long time. He was a very happy boy to see his mother first thing this morning, and for most of the day was a calm, content cheeky little guy slowly returning to form. Entertaining the nurses, hold court from Bed 7 and ordering everybody about.  He was interested in different activities, ordered his own meal and applied himself………but I’ll stop now and let the pictures speak for themselves:








As expected his blood count is on the way down and this morning he was given a full blood transfusion.  These will continue to drop which is all part of the course.  This afternoon, despite the laughs he spiked a temperature over 38 which for an oncology patient means 48 hours in hospital on IV antibiotics to assist in fighting off any infection the body may have on board.  No wonder they weren’t keen to discharge this happy little guest.

On a different note, I realise the pic below does not contain the little guys smiling face but couldn’t resist sharing. I found it this morning on my walking circuit around Parramatta Park. Only in Parramatta, the geographical centre of Sydney where English can sometimes be a very, very second language-onya Parra Council. Luckily theres both a Children’s and Adult hospital close because you’re nose is probably going to need it after 3 hours.



6 thoughts on “The High Before the Low

  1. I think you should wear that top more often… The fashionista that he is seems to respond to it ie. it’s the same one that you had on the week when you had cuddles! Lots of love the “wardrobe police” xx

  2. Eddie – am looking out the office window and thinking about what I can learn from your strength. Giddi-up little bloke. Thinking of you.

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