A Busy Weekend

So far so good, although the proof will be when his blood counts start to drop towards the end of the week will we get a better reading of how he will travel through this round.
One of the interesting things his Oncologist said the other day when talking us through the plan was the fact that a more intense reaction to the Chemo is a good indicator that in fact the drugs are working to eliminate the Leukemia Cells and therefore a better outcome, ie a cure. He went on to say that they can become concerned about kids that sail through the Chemo as it may indicate that the dose was not strong enough to eliminate the cancer.

Poor little guy cant’t win- they worry if you become too toxic and they worry if you don’t get sick enough. In my heart I know he’s still sick because he’s started to eat sushi, still declining on the Freddo Frog front and no longer sucks his dummy – just holds onto it occasionally for good measure.

It’s been a busy weekend for all of us, as the little guy has been out on all day Gate Passes- visiting friends, celebrating his Grandma’s Birthday, beach, cafe and hanging out at home with his brother and sister. It’s interesting to see just how much he enjoys being out of the hospital eating and talking way more than back in his hospital room.

There’s talk of a possible discharge later in the week but they’re a little reluctant since there’s a pretty high chance he’ll be back in once his blood counts start to drop again so they’re thinking we should just keep our room and bed. Perhaps it’s part of the Preferred Guest Program, keep those Frequent Flyer Points coming in.

In the meantime here are some pics of the weekend he enjoyed………





2 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend

  1. Bitter sweet indeed Ali for little E đŸ˜¦ wishing and praying lots of strength to all of you for this week and I’ll be in touch xxx

  2. It looked like a lovely day family day yesterday,how weekends should be.The photos are
    great,you are all amazing.
    Cathy V

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