Twas the night Before Chemo

And all through the house at Grandma and Gramps house there were smiles……..


…..well on most of our faces.(Glad you’ve all got a good look of the greys in my hair part.  There’s not a lot of time to get to the hairdressers at the moment. The other photo I had was a cracker of me looking but this blog is about Ed, not me)

Edward continues to slowly regain his strength both physical and inner just in time to commence his next round of Chemo tomorrow. This afternoon the little guy was granted a Gate Pass for 5 hours and we had the pleasure of taking him back to his Grandma and Gramps house for the afternoon and into the crazy dinner hour. Despite being tired there were glimmers of the old Ed and it was a rare and special afternoon to have all of us together under the one roof.

As Dr Santosh Valvi, one of his Oncology Doctor’s said he did the wrong thing and smiled at them- the green light that the little guy is ready to commence the next part of the proposed protocol tomorrow. At this stage they are not proposing to alter the protocol, will forge on with the standard plan and make any changes or rests if the little guy becomes too toxic again. Apparently it is not uncommon for patients to need breaks during this time due to other infections they contract.

This next stage is 28 days and involves continual oral medication and 4 times a week of IV infusions. These chemo cocktail is different to the last although alot of the side effects similar with the added side effect of diarrhea-something Ed battles with whatever the day is- Chemo or not.

At the very minimum he will be in hospital for another 2 weeks whilst they monitor his progress and offer any type of medical support he may need as the Chemo progresses. Due to the chemo, his blood count will be at another at all time low in 10 days from tomorrow (Thursday 18thAprril) when he may contract any number of infections and become unwell ….fingers crossed this doesn’t happen again to the same extent.

In the meantime, he will have  gate passes through the day and will return to the hospital in the evening for monitoring and support as long as that smile stays on his face, his temperatures down and his pain levels controlled.  This is something we will all enjoy for the time being and it’s a great lesson in enjoying those very precious moments.

In other news, this evening the not so virignal Gramps is back on the Variety Ward with Ed in the care of the lovely Torana loving, Ranga intolerant Belinda- sweet dreams to you all!!


3 thoughts on “Twas the night Before Chemo

  1. …did Issy just see Gramp’s in his undies? Great update…so nice to think of Ed out and about. If he spends too much time in Room 7 he might also un-PC about ranga’s..and that would be no good for the Leats. Loads of love to you all – keep up the good work Eddie. xxxx

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