What a Difference a Week Makes

This time last week we were celebrating the fact that we were able to cuddle our little guy, today we had this

Followed by an outing to the hospital park


It was smiles all round in our family today as you can see.

The plan pretty much remains the same as my last post. Sit tight, wait for his tummy to repair and commence the next round of chemo more than likely Monday week. All we can do is brace ourselves and hope his reaction is not as severe as last time. His Oncology Doctors have some big decisions to make in the next few days in terms of adjusting the dose of Chemo to avoid such a Toxic reaction without comprising the desired outcome of s complete cure. All we can do is put our trust in them and hope that they find the correct balance.

Tonight is my first night at Club Westmead in a while and with the little guy feeling brighter and not as sick it’s actually quite nice cuddled up in bed with my Ed on a Saturday night-Cuddles, weekend papers and not one other job I can do except care for him and catch up on my reading. It’s no Club Med but quite peaceful for the time being.


8 thoughts on “What a Difference a Week Makes

  1. Al, this has made my morning! He’s looking more like his old self (minus the hair :)). I am over the man flu so give me shout if you need someone to watch the kids while you gym on saturday!

  2. Salut! I am so so happy and proud of Eddie! That is really cool. A bit of dark chocolate in the next mix should maybe be considered by the team?
    I am also very happy to see Pete smiling.
    Keep going for the second round Ed. You win the first one. You are a strong little man.
    I am so convinced that some Angels are protecting you.

    Baisers tendres

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