And on Wednesday he ate a Freddo Frog

Yep, Ed is back in the land of the living. For the passed 14 days we have been waiting for the time to come when we would see a smile and watch him eat (albeit a Freddo Frog). Both of which happened within 10 minutes of me arriving at the hospital this morning. I’m not sure there are many parents who could watch their 2.5 yr old who hasn’t eaten in almost 2 weeks brim with pride as they eat chocolate, but hey when you’re Ed anything goes.
He did seem to show some interest in a salad roll yesterday but the Freddo frog today was much more warmly welcomed.
Yesterday they took him off the oxygen, have just one lot of anitbiotics running and have started to reduce his IV feeds, and Ketamine……yep the party is over on that front.
The plan is to wean him all of this over the next week, watch his health continue to improve before starting it all over again later this week.
We’re waiting to speak with both an Immunology Team and Infectious Diseases team to see if there is anything they can do to help reduce the extreme side effects Edward seems to have with the chemo. His Oncologists are also working on possibly revising the chemo Protocol to help reduce the side effects whilst still eliminating the Leukaemia.
We’re yet to be filled in on the plan for this.

Why eat this


When you can eat a Freddo Frog


8 thoughts on “And on Wednesday he ate a Freddo Frog

  1. Yeah baby! He’s lookin good Ali. Fantastic news. Thank you so much for inviting us to join you on this difficult journey. PS you gotta lota meat in your sandwich girlfriend.

  2. Three cheers for Eddie and his parents and all those caring for him! Tears in my eyes and so happy that you can see progrss.

  3. Hurray for Eddie – what great news and so lovely that he could enjoy a Freddo Frog so close to Easter!! Prayers are with you that the care team can reduce the extreme side effects for the next round of chemo. Love to all xx

  4. So great to see some positive progress over the last few days. There’s nothing more heart warming than Ed’s cheeky smile. Thanks for posting all the beautiful photos.

    Is the Gourmet Gauge up to date – or is it time for some restocking?

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