Easter Bunny Brings Some Cuddles

Slowly but surely things are on the improve although the pain remains. It certainly was a Good Friday when his Neutraphils went from 0.5 to 5, and then hopped up to 10 yesterday. An increase in Neutraphils will give his body a better chance to fight off infection and assist in repairing his body, especially the ulcers lining his mouth and gastrointestinal tract. Once these have repaired it is hoped he will be in less pain.
They have taken him off one lot of antibiotics, with 4 remaining and as the week progresses it is hoped he will come off those along with the oxygen and Special K and Morphine. As you can see from the pic below, it’s a puzzle of leads for the nurses to work through with the daily change over of his leads from his Central Line with all of the feeds and medication which take a good 45 minutes each afternoon.

The beautiful nurse Emma, pictured above provided a special opportunity yesterday afternoon for my first hug with Ed in over a week. It would be an understatement to say it was an emotional though beautiful afternoon on the pink recliner cuddling Ed whilst he slept blissfully on my chest for 4 hours or so. He appeared to be the most settled he had been all day.
I dare say we would have stayed longer on the pink lounge had the bar opened for Happy Hour cocktails!


Meanwhile, outside the room the not so little brother is have a wow of a time at the park

Flirting with the nurses


And providing the entertainment


Something I think he’s going to be doing for the rest of his life.


3 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Brings Some Cuddles

  1. Keep your spirits up, Ali. You have to feed off wonderful times like this, and keep going. All our love,

  2. Glad to see some happiness and cuddles for your Easter luv, big hugs to you all. We hope the neutraphils are starting to do their job to ease Eddie’s pain xx Nicole, Ralph, Madeleine & Charlie xx

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