Rest and Recouperate

It’s been a relatively quiet day here on the Variety Ward. Ed’s heart rate has stabilised, his temperatures down a little, and his Neutraphils on the way up.
It’s now just a matter of sitting tight and waiting for his body to repair itself of the mucositis and the triple tummy bug trifecta. His Liver Function has not improved so today they performed an ultrasound and found that there was no change in the appearance which is good news, again it’s sit tight and wait.
Whilst he was having the Ultrsound I managed to caress his head and remove the remaining tufts of hairs and he is now sporting a hair cut very similar to that of the Jolly Jumbo, Tom.
This morning I made use of our Ward Granny and managed to get to the gym this morning which was a very welcome relief.
Hoping the Easter Bunny brings continued improve over the break in the hope that we can commence the next stage of Chemo the following week.


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