A Call for Volunteers

Given Ed’s reaction to Chemo so far we are now working towards the possibility of Ed staying in hospital for the next 6-9 months. Of course we hope this is not the case but the only thing I’m banking on at the moment is the Red Cross Blood Bank who organise almost daily transfusions at the moment. I honestly had no idea how much blood is transfused into cancer patients whilst receiving Chemo. So if you can, give blood-

I’ve come to the realisation that Ed is getting the best possible care in hospital and I now need to focus my attention to Pete, Tom, Isabel and the Grandparents who have been staying out at the hospital- virgin or otherwise.

Furthermore, given that we are expecting that this is going to be a longer haul than expected we’ve had to change tact again and now looking for assistance in caring for Ed bedside- daytime or even the odd night at Club Westmead. We just need to grow the volunteer pool a little more with holidaying grandparents, flu season around the corner and just because we need some more help.

Please, please, please dont’t feel compelled in any way at all to do a thing. I’m simply sharing this need with those that can. There’s no need to commit to anything regular but just let me know your availability so that I can get together a bit of a plan and a list of those available.

At this stage, and it may change, but what we think we need is something like this:

3:00pm-7:00pm- Day visit wrangling Tom at the hospital

7:00pm-9:00am- Overnight stay at the hospital

3:00pm-7:00pm- Day visit wrangling Tom at the hospital

3:00pm-7:00pm- Day visit wrangling Tom at the hospital
7:00pm-9:00am- Overnight stay at the hospital alternate Fridays

09:00am -12:00pm- Day visit sitting with Ed bedside
12:00pm- 4:00pm- Day visit sitting with Ed bedside

09:00am -12:00pm- Day visit sitting with Ed bedside
12:00pm- 4:00pm- Day visit sitting with Ed bedside

Overnight stays include bed in private room sheets and towels provided, all meals and parking. Current guests, (Judy/Mops) says, “it’s a bit like Business Class- a flat bed, meals and interrupted constantly for attention”. This quote was provided prior to the access we had to the private at the end of the ward which is more like a first class pod (not that I’ve ever travelled First but believe me once the whole thing is over I think I might……all the way to Paris- Fabienne).

Day stay visits have access to bed side treats and a tea and coffee
Parking provided at $6.00 a visit, refundable from parents. Please remind them for the pass as they may forget,

There may come a time when we might need to stop the overnight sleep overs and then move to have somebody there at the hospital between 4:00pm and 9:00pm and then again something like 6:00am-09:0am but lets see how the above plan works.

As always we are ever appreciative of your love, care and support.


5 thoughts on “A Call for Volunteers

  1. Ali, If only I was closer , I would help out in a breath… I hope those around you respond positively and you can somehow try and get a roster happening, so as you, Pete and the kids can have some sort of a break or any sight of normality. I cannot believe one little man can go through so much, its just heartbreaking… Always here for a chat from afar or a shoulder to cry on on the phone, hope you know that.
    Love Mandy xxxx

  2. Dear Ali,
    As you know, Vince and I are happy to help out wherever/whenever possible. Mondays, Wednesdays and weekends work best for us (except for w/e of 6/7 April, we’re in Canberra). We have some great little videos and photos of our recent times spent with “wrangling Tom”… or should that be “wriggling Tom”! I still have my hair, even tho he’s tried hard to separate it from my skull!! As well, whenever you would like us to sit bedside on weekends with darling Ed, just let us know.
    Love, hugs V&Vxx

    • Hey Ali, I’ll check with Matt but I can help weekends for sure during April and I’ll be more avail in May during the week. I’ll email you xxx

  3. Ali,i can do sleepovers on fridays and saturdays wenever u need me.
    please dont hesitate to call x x

  4. Ali, I can’t help during the day as my rascals would cause too much trouble but I’d be happy to help with the Friday sleepovers?

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