PM loses Vote of Ed’s Nurse whilst we wait for the return of the smile.

Another eventful day yesterday here on The Variety Ward triggering more Rapid Responses as a result of increased heart rate, rise in body temperature and pain from his stomach, groin and legs. There were visits from the ICU doctors, Pain Team and also his Oncologists, all scratching their heads over the cause of his pain. Last night an ultrasound of his abdomen and groin revealed nothing.

At one stage yesterday they were discussing the possibility of inserting a catheter as is appeared he had some pain when urinating but this has been discounted for the time being. Really, how many more plastics tubes could one little guy have protruding from his body.

The waiting game continues as we sit tight and wait for an improvement in his bloods, Pancreatic enzymes, Liver Function and the stomach bugs trifecta he is fighting to improve. The numbers need to increase in his FBC ( Full Blood Count) particularly with his Hb (Haemoglobin), WCC (White Blood Cell Count), Neut (Neutrophils), and Plts (Platelets)……are you impressed how well I’ve learnt to read his reports since his Dx (diagnosis).

In other news, it’s amazing what you learn sitting for long periods of time bedside about the state of politics. Here is a quote from one of Ed’s nurses Belinda regarding the excitement in Parliament yesterday.
“I’m not voting for that silly Ranga she called an election on National Rana (sic) Day”. I did not know such a day existed to celebrate the Torana. I might add this was the very same Belinda who insisted the new parents bed came with us in our move to Bed 7 yesterday. A heart of gold that Wests Tigers, Holden login’ chic. She’s been fantastic these passed few days looking after him.

Hoping tomorrow’s post brings news of a happier little Ed tomorrow.


One thought on “PM loses Vote of Ed’s Nurse whilst we wait for the return of the smile.

  1. Big hugs for little ed! Let me know if you are down in manly pre-hospital tomorrow – can watch the kidlets. Jess x

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