A Rough Night Brings some Positive News

It seems our little Ed is developing some nocturnal habits. Relatively calm peaceful days followed by rough, painful nights. Each morning brings a visit from The Pain Doctor (Yes that is the proper name of the team) and an increase in the pain relief.
We did have a small win in his results from the bone marrow biopsy which were unable to find any Leukemia cells underneath the microscope.
This indicates that the first round of Chemo was succesful and we now move into the next phase of ensuring it doesn’t return.
This part of the protocol brings with it a whole new cocktail of Chemo drugs often with worse side effects than the last lot.
It’s planned that he will spend the rest of the week recovering and will start next week on the new protocol.
Tomorrow they are going to perform another ultra sound of his abdomen and groin to see if there is any thing that may be causing pain.
At a guess I think the Easter Bunny will be looking for our little Ed out at Club Westmead.


One thought on “A Rough Night Brings some Positive News

  1. Great news about the chemo success! Xx Minty and I have our bags packed and can’t wait to check in at Marinella. Big hugs and kisses en route. (And a bit of starching if you will let me) xxx

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