And on the 34th Day it was Norovirus

After a calm, though tired and lethargic, sleepy yesterday afternoon, the night bought with it a repeat performance of the Saturday night special- crippling pain from the Pancreatitis. Pete spent the night in an upright position holding him will he clutched at his stomach in pain, hanging out for the next 10min slot when he could be administered pain relief.
Too much day rest or maybe he just wanted to be up partying with his Dad on his 42nd Birthday. Either way, both Pete and Ed looked like they had been through many rough rounds when I arrived at the hospital this morning.
After reviewing him they ascertained he was well enough to go under a General Anaesthetic for his lumbar puncture and bone marrow biopsy and decided they would do a CT scan whilst they were at it.
CT scan came back clear with no sign of infection anywhere although his stool test tested positive to Norovirus to add to the other bugs partying in his gut.
We should get the results from the bone marrow tomorrow which will establish how effective this first round of Chemo has been. In theory they should not be able to see any of the Leukemia cells underneath the microscope.
It is hoped that he will spend the rest of the week recovering from his stomach bugs and will commence the next lot of Chemo next week. It doesn’t look like he’ll be checking out anytime soon and will be at Club Westmead at least until the end of next week.
Here’s hoping he behaves tonight for his Mops. (Pete’s Mum)


2 thoughts on “And on the 34th Day it was Norovirus

  1. Salut petit homme
    Haut les cœurs. Nous pensons tous les jours très forts a toi.
    Nous t’aimons très fort. Accroches toi mon ange.
    Nous t embrassons fort
    Les kramer

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