The Search for a smile continues

Despite a dramatic start to the the day with an increased heart rate prompting his 6th rapid response call in the passed week Edward has had a relatively calm day catching up on much needed rest.
His scheduled lumbar puncture and bone marrow biopsy has been deferred until tomorrow when hopefully he’ll be feeling a little better. Whilst under the General Anaseathetic they are also going to do a CT scan to investigate any further causes of his poor state and lethargy.
As you can see from the pic below there is an amazing cocktail of drugs being pumped into his body at the moment, modern medicine is absolutely mind blowing. His IV pole is certainly overloaded and in true Ed style he’s opted for the delux, 5 star model with all of the bells and whistles.

In other news, Ed moved rooms over the weekend to a room where the monitor was relayed back to the nurses station. It had a brand new parents bed which both his Gransma and father claim to be the best bed in the hospital. A little treat for a guy celebrating his 42nd Birthday at Club Westmead- Happy Birthday Pete.

Ed's Chemical Cocktail


3 thoughts on “The Search for a smile continues

  1. We love you guys. Minty is hoping a big kiss for Eddie might make him smile. We will give it a go! A big kisses to the birthday boy and the rest of the fam. Xxxxxx

  2. Little Eddie deserves nothing but the best even if it has to be a delux 5 star IV pole!! Glad to hear there are some perks for the parents & grandparents with the brand new bed. Thanks for the updates Ali, love you and your family, and have hugged my little treasures just that little bit tighter tonight. Keep fighting Eddie, Charlie is waiting for that playdate you stood him up on xx Nicole xx

  3. Sending you guys – Margaret and Terry included – heaps of love and assuring you that you are in our thoughts and prayers from out west. Edward is an amazing little fellow. You are all doing the very best – our support seems meaningless but it’s there. Love always. Diane and Malcolm

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